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Land Clearing, Brush Hogging & Tractor Work

Our services are pretty simple, we cut stuff with a tractor. We will cut or clear anything from 1/8 acre to 50 acres and from grass to 4″ trees with our specialized tree cutter which most tractor companies do not have. Our prices are very competitive and we offer a less expensive alternative to a forestry mulcher. 
Brush Hog Services keep roads graded, fields cleared, trees around 4″ or smaller under control, and move brush piles and dirt. Sometimes you just need a machine to lift something heavy or pull something out of the ground. If you need help, give us a call.

General Tractor Services

Basic tractor works such as mowing includes grass, brambles and sapling under 2″. We can cover about 1.5-2 acres per hour if continuously mowing and not backing down repeatedly to clear brush.

Bush hogging, or brush cutting, is cutting of thicker material in size up to approximately 2″ in order to thin out an area, clear fence lines, open a field and clear between trees (undercutting). This is a slower process covering less ground per hour. It takes more time and is harder on machinery so there may be a slight upcharge based on the vegetation and working conditions. Other services in this range includes moving brush and dirt piles, dirt road maintenance and other basic tractor chores.

Brush Hog & Tractor Work

Cutting grass, brush hogging a field and general tractor work is part of the base service. This generally also includes cutting saplings up to 2″ thick. Bush hog services enable for faster, continuous work with less wear on equipment. Swamp, mud and hidden obstacles in fields are the variables that can add time and difficulty to an otherwise easy job. It is best to
remove all debris when possible.

Dirt Road Grading

If your dirt road is getting ripples, low spots or has standing water it is time to do road maintenance. By putting a crown on the road, the road will shed water more efficiently and last longer. Sometimes a dirt road has to be “ripped” to loosen the underlayers before being graded.

Field Mowing Service

The most basic bush hog service is field mowing. With a rotary cutter field, mowing can be done to keep a property for sale looking good. A well- manicured property is likely to sell much faster than an overgrown bushy lot.

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